Salsa Dancing for Phoenix, AZ


Kevin Corbin is an experienced salsa dancer, performer and instructor, specializing on Salsa On1 and On2 styles.

Sabrina Jeffery, co-Director of Viveza Dance Co, has been teaching salsa and bachata dance classes in Phoenix since 2019.

La-33 is a Colombian salsa band that has made significant contributions to the Latin music scene. Their unique blend of salsa, funk, jazz, and rock has earned them a devoted following around the world, and their commitment to social causes has further endeared them to their fans.

Bridgette Maria is an Dance Teacher at Scottsdale Community College who specializes in Salsa, Latin, Argentine Tango, International Latin, Ballroom, and Swing.

Adrian Garza is a seasoned salsa dancer with 24 years of experience, who proudly owns and instructs at Third Coast Dance company.

Mohan is the co-director of Monzon Dance Company in Tucson, AZ, and primarily focuses on teaching bachata and salsa.