July 14, 2024


Salsa Dancing for Phoenix, AZ

Renata Danae

Renata Danae



Renata Moenho

Renata Danae‘s journey as a dancer has been a deeply enriching experience, spanning over 15 years and encompassing a wide range of styles, from Ballet to Latin dance. Her path has led her from home in Murrieta, California to Phoenix, Arizona, in 2020. She has had the privilege of contributing to companies such as And All That Jazz Performing Arts Center, Bricks Dance Studio, Dance FX, and Las Diosas, with the esteemed Tjasa Novak.

Renata’s dedication extends beyond the spotlight. She cherishes her roles as both an instructor and choreographer since 2015, finding joy in guiding others and bringing stories to life through her work in musical theater productions and the realm of Sensual Bachata pieces. With a deep appreciation for Bachata’s cultural roots and its evolution, Renata approaches her choreography with reverence, seeking to honor its origins, while exploring new avenues of expression.

In 2021, Renata embarked on a new chapter of growth under the mentorship of Ms. Novak, an opportunity she approaches with gratitude and a willingness to learn. Specializing in Sensual Bachata, Renata’s journey as both a lead dancer and choreographer is marked by a sense of humility, recognizing the contributions of her mentors and the support of her fellow dancers.

Above all, Renata Danae‘s greatest joy lies in the connections she forges with others through dance. With a full heart and a spirit of genuine expression, she continues to share her passion with others, inspiring them to find their own voice and expression on the dance floor.

Renata began teaching at Tumbao Latin Fridays in 2023!

Salsa For Phoenix, AZ
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