May 28, 2024


Salsa Dancing for Phoenix, AZ

World Salsa Fest Los Angeles, May 24-26!

World Salsa Fest Los Angeles, May 24-26!

2024 World Salsa Fest Los Angeles!

AZSalsa review 2024:  The World Salsa Fest is a premier event celebrating the culture and passion of salsa dancing and live music in one of the world’s top salsa scenes, Los Angeles. Held annually, this festival brings together the best instructors and performers from L.A., along with national and international talent. The World Salsa Fest draws salsa enthusiasts from around the globe for a weekend of performances, workshops, social dancing, live salsa concerts featuring an international headliner, and one or two of the amazing salsa bands from the L.A. music scene.

One of the highlights of the festival is the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry, with workshops covering a wide range of salsa and bachata styles for all dancing levels, typically running from 10 AM to 4 PM. The pool parties start around 12 PM, featuring DJs playing salsa and bachata. The World Salsa Fest offers plenty of opportunities for social dancing and inspiration, as attendees can watch the great dancers from L.A. shine on the floor with their impressive repertoire of flashy moves.

The Marriott serves as the perfect venue for this event, conveniently located across the street from the Burbank Airport for those flying in and offering plenty of free parking for Arizonians who prefer to drive. Before the evening shows start, small-format salsa and bachata bands perform in the hall outside the main ballroom. In addition to the main ballroom where salsa is played, two smaller ballrooms on the lobby side are open for dancing bachata, kizomba, and other Latin rhythms.

The 3rd Annual
@ Marriott Burbank Airport

May 24-26, 2024
(Memorial Day Weekend)
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Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport

2024 Confirmed Talent - Performers and Instructors

●  Adolfo Indacochea (New York)
●  Francisco Vázquez (LA)
●  Franklin Diaz (New York)
●  Swing Latino (Colombia)
●  Liz Lira (LA)
●  Cristian Oviedo (LA)
●  Abel Peña (LA)
●  Rogelio Moreno (LA)
●  Stephanie Stevenson (LA)
●  Noel Rojas (LA)
●  Nicole Gil (LA)
●  Annette Saucillo (LA)
●  Jimmy and Danyelle-LA
●  Tribu (LA)
●  Javier and Katya (LA)
●  Dasha Reut (LA)
●  Jhesus Aponte (Puerto Rico)
●  Javier and Kiki (LA)
●  Arthur Levine (LA)

●  José Hernández (LA)
●  Alex Sierra & Alysa Garcia – LA
●  Edward Zambrano & Alysa Garcia (LA)
●  Aileen Rose (LA)
●  Omar Guttie (LA)
●  Jayven Colon (LA)
●  Henry Salazar (LA)
●  Joel Gómez (LA)
●  Jasmine Flores (LA)
●  David Herrera-Dallas (TX)
●  Ricky Rey (LA)
●  Zweli Barton (LA)
●  Miguel and Jennifer Aguirre (LA)
●  Raúl Santiago (LA)
●  Heather Sprague (LA)
●  Laura Cannelias (LA)
●  Marco Rosas (LA)
●  Beto Rojas (LA)

●  Raj & Giulia (LA)
●  Arlene Santos (LA)
●  Zuly Dextra (LA)
●  Brielle Friedman (New York)
●  Gasia Thomson (LA)
●  Lucas Pratt (LA)
●  Elena Álvarez, La Candela (LA)
●  Ariela Conde (LA)
●  Shakaia Francois (LA)
●  Jo Quiñones (LA)
●  Janette Valenzuela (LA)
●  EMDC (LA)
●  Alejandro Rey (LA)
●  Natalie Avian (LA)
●  Danny Kalman-LA
●  Erika Martin Del Campo (LA)
●  Yesenia Serratos (LA)

2024 World Salsa Fest Live Salsa Concerts!

CHARLIE APONTE, renowned salsa singer, embarked on his musical journey as a member of the iconic salsa group El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico. With his soulful voice and captivating stage presence, he became a beloved figure in the world of Latin music. Aponte’s passionate performances and charismatic personality endeared him to fans worldwide. After decades of success with El Gran Combo, Aponte transitioned into a solo career, showcasing his versatility and talent as a soloist. With a rich musical legacy and a voice that continues to captivate audiences, Charlie Aponte remains a prominent figure in the salsa scene.

As a soloist, Aponte released several successful albums, including “Pa’ Mi Gente” and “El Más Grande Nombre.” His solo work not only honored salsa traditions but also infused fresh energy into the genre, attracting both seasoned aficionados and new generations of music lovers.

Beyond his musical achievements, Aponte remains a cultural icon celebrated for his contributions to Puerto Rican heritage and his unwavering commitment to preserving salsa’s rich legacy. With his unmatched talent and enduring passion for music, Charlie Aponte continues to inspire audiences around the globe as a soloist, leaving an indelible mark on the world of salsa.

Charlie Aponte
Son Mayor!

SON MAYOR, one of Los Angeles’ most beloved Latin bands, embodies the vintage and contemporary Cuban sound that resonates across diverse audiences. Founded 18 years ago by Eddy Ortiz, inspired by the legendary Oscar D’Leon, the band’s heart beats with passion.

Led by Ortiz’s talent, Son Mayor captivates with high-energy performances at corporate events and premier salsa clubs throughout Southern California. Their journey includes sharing stages with icons like Chucho Valdez and Celia Cruz, and playing at Jennifer Lopez’s wedding. Awards from LA Weekly and the city itself attest to their musical prowess and commitment to fans.

Son Mayor’s legacy thrives on their unwavering dedication to delivering top-notch  performances for salsa dancers.

2024 World Salsa Fest Dance Performance Headliners!

DJs Lineup!

●  Super DJ Robby (LA)
●  Deejay Cache (LA)
●  DJ Chuy Rumba Buena (LA)
●  DJ Salsa y Sabor (LA)
●  DJ Ernesto Morelos Insomnio (LA)
●  DJ Panchito Eche (LA)
●  DJ 66 (LA)

●  DJ Picoso (LA)
●  DJ Voss (LA)
●  DJ Danny G (LA)
●  DJ Julito Rumbon (LA)
●  DJ Mirko (LA)
●  DJ Alex Smooth (LA)
●  DJ Pachanga (LA)

●  DJ Jimmy Rumba (LA)
●  DJ Charlie (LA)
●  DJ Victor Parra (LA)
●  DJ Raj (LA)

Salsa For Phoenix, AZ
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