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Orquesta Tromboranga: Salsa Dura at its Best!

Orquesta Tromboranga: Salsa Dura at its Best!

Tromboranga: Igniting the World with Infectious Fresh Salsa Dura Rhythms!

By Mario Pacheco | AZSalsa.net

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In the world of Latin music, there are few bands that can match the quality, passion, and high-energy concerts of TROMBORANGA. With their irresistible strong bass and triple trombone section, creative lyrics and infectious beats, this Barcelona-based salsa orchestra formed with musicians from Venezuela, Colombia, Cuba, Peru and Spain has captured the hearts of salsa dancers and music lovers around the globe.

Trombroranga was formed in Barcelona, Spain, by Venezuelan percussionist, composer, musical arranger, and bandleader JOAQUIN ARTEAGA. He studied music in Venezuela where he learnt to play drums and percussion. After brief periods of study in New York and Connecticut, he received a scholarship to study music in Barcelona, where he supported himself by performing with various salsa, rock, jazz, and samba bands, as well as teaching percussion. Additionally, he co-founded Bloque 53, a salsa band that incorporated traditional Sextet instrumentation with the distinctive sound of the vibraphone (marimba), gaining popularity in Europe in the late 2000s.

Despite the success of Bloque 53, Joaquín always harbored a desire to form his own salsa dura orchestra. His vision was to revive the traditional salsa dura sounds, incorporating strong bass and trombone sections, aiming to recapture the raw energy that characterized the golden era of hard salsa in the 60s and 70s.

In late of 2010, he shared his idea with Venezuelan trombonist Vladimir Pena, who had recently arrived in Barcelona and helped recruiting two more trombonists.

Joaquín Arteaga is a Venezuelan percussionist, composer, musical arranger, bandleader and founder of Trombroranga.
Orquesta Tromboranga musicians, from left to right: Lorenzo "El diablo" Barriendos (Bass), Diego Coppinger (vocalist), Joaqu√≠n Arteaga (Timbales & bandleader), Vladimir Pe√Īa (Trombone), Freddy Ramos (Vocalist), Rafael ‚ÄúMadagascar‚ÄĚ Arciniegas (Piano), Pablo Martin (Trombone), Sergi Tous (Trombone).

At the beginning of 2011, Bloque 53 embarked on recording a new album featuring three trombones. Joaqu√≠n, feeling unsatisfied with the resulting mix due to the overpowering triple-trombone section conflicting with the smoother sounds of the vibraphone, decided to utilize the two free days they had in the recording studio. He enlisted the help of seasoned pianist and music arranger Rafael ‚ÄúMadagascar‚ÄĚ Arciniegas and bass player Felipe Varela. Alongside the conga player from Bloque 53 and their Venezuelan singer and music arranger Freddy Ramos, Tromboranga essentially came to fruition during those two days. Together, they fine-tuned the musical arrangements and harmonies of three of Joaqu√≠n‚Äôs songs: “Humildad‚ÄĚ, “Agua Que Va Caer”, and ‚ÄúConmigo Te Quedar√°s‚ÄĚ.

Joaqu√≠n emailed the raw tracks in MP3 format to a DJ who was greatly impressed by the classic old-style hard salsa sound, despite never having heard the songs or the band’s name before. The MP3 files quickly spread among salsa DJs around the globe.

A week later, while performing with Bloque 53 in Sweden, they discovered a DJ playing ‚ÄúHumildad‚ÄĚ in the concert venue who had no clue about Tromboranga and where this band was from. Joaqu√≠n quickly realized the importance of creating videos for each song, ensuring that people could at least recognize the new band. Subsequently, to combat piracy of the MP3 tracks, they recorded their first album, ‚ÄúTromboranga,‚ÄĚ featuring 11 original songs, including the aforementioned three tracks, and released it in 2012.

Following the success of their first album, Tromboranga has continued to release a new album almost every year, showcasing original salsa dura songs. Their relentless touring schedule has seen them perform weekly across the globe, having appeared in hundreds of cities across all continents.

Tromboranga is an independent band. If you love salsa dancing and good salsa dura music, you can support them by attending their live performances (at salsa congresses, festivals, etc), by playing, liking and sharing videos from their YouTube channel and, of course, purchasing their CD and Vinyl music albums, or digital version in Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, etc. 

Their dedication to preserving the traditional salsa sound has earned them the admiration of veteran musicians and salsa aficionados alike. Their music transcends language barriers, cultural boundaries, and generations, appealing to both long-time salsa lovers and new fans discovering the genre.

Whether on the stage of packed concert venues, small salsa events, or through the speakers of your headphones, Tromboranga’s music is a testament to the timeless appeal and universal joy of salsa dura. With each note they play and every beat they create, this amazing band reaffirms the power of salsa music to unite people and transport them to a world filled with rhythm, passion, and pure dance-floor joy!

Tromboranga Discography

Salsa Dura
Salsa Dura
1. Amigo El Raton 
2. Mama Calunga 
3. Bombolaye
4. Pachuly (Eligio) 
5. Ahora Soy Yo     
6. Hoy No Quiero Trabajar
7. Arroz Con Manteca
8. Vente Conmigo
9. Conmigo Te Quedaras
10. Humildad
11. Agua Que Va Caer

Al Mal Tiempo Buena Salsa
Mal Tiempo Buena Salsa
1. Soy Sonero
2. Adios Que Te Vaya Bien
3. Alabanciosa
4. Rompecolchon
5. Te Provoca
6. Pa Que Lo Bailes
7. Mimame
8. Que Quiere La Nina
9. El Mensajero
10. No Me Des Bachata
11. Repica Bien El Tambor
12. Mambo Salvaje

Salsa Pa' Rato
Salsa Pa’ Rato
1. Esclavo De Tu Apariencia
2. Palo Pa’ La Campana
3. Como La Marea
4. No Tengo Pa’ Pagar
5. Sin Miedo
6. Salsa Pa’ Rato
7. Antonio
8. Canto De Corazon
9. Sentimiento Caleno
10. Descarga Con Pachanga

Golpe Con Melodia (2015)
Golpe Con Melodia
1. Golpe Con Melodia
2. Quinto Mayor
3. Dame Felicidad
4. Motivacion Sexual
5. Carretera
6. La Jicoteca
7. Maria Antonia
8. La Mafia

Sangre, Sudor y Salsa (2016)
Sangre, Sudor y Salsa (2016)
1. Ah Caraj (Aquí Que Pasó)
2. Cambumbo
3. Mi China Colombiana
4. La Pepa De Mango
5. No Me Vuelvo A Enamorar
6. El Rey Sin Corona
7. Que Linda Que Estas
8. Sangre, Sudor Y Salsa


Tumbando Fronteras (2017)
Tumbando Fronteras
1. Otro Ladrillo en la Pared
2. Guaguancó Pal Barrio
3. Hortensia
4. Nunca Pa Atr√°s
5. Y No Lo Digo Yo
6. Tu y Yo
7. Para Buenaventura
8. Antes Que Tu Hables de Mi
9. Pachanga Chango


Te Voy A Contar (2019)
Te Voy A Contar
1. Te Perdono
2. La Negra Casilda
3. Un Extraterrestre
4. La Moda
5. Sal de la Cueva
6. Cuando Yo No Esté
7. Chachach√° Chatuchak
8. Te Lo Dije
9. Hurac√°n No Me Tumba

Salsaterapia (2020)
1. El Cuero Del Tambor
2. Devuélveme Mis Discos
3. El Mundo Al Revés|
4. Guadalupe
5. Verte Llorar
6. Guaguancó Es Mi Vida
7. Trombón Pelao
8. Se√Īor Mar√≠a
9. Pachanguera

Salsa Con Golpe (2023)
Salsa Con Golpe
1. No Llegues Tarde             
2. Kumbele Kutimba
3. Honesto Y Trabajador
4. Sirena
5. Despechada
6. Angeles En El Infierno
7. Chacha Boogaloo
8. Gato Negro
9. Fania Funche

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