July 14, 2024


Salsa Dancing for Phoenix, AZ

Mohan Mohanur

Mohan Mohanur is the co-director of Monzon dance company in Tucson, AZ.




Mohan is an accomplished engineer with a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Arizona, and a devoted advocate for the vibrant world of salsa and bachata. He is the co-director of Monzon Dance Company, situated in the charming city of Tucson, AZ, where  he and his team have centered their efforts on the captivating styles of bachata and salsa.

In his journey in dance, he has learning experiences under the guidance of renowned salsa instructors in Latin and Afro Cuban dance forms. This eclectic training has shaped Mohan’s distinctive approach, infusing his performances with a unique blend of rhythms and movements.

The commitment to his craft is exemplified by his weekly classes, which serve as a hub for the Tucson community to engage with dance. Additionally, his reach extends beyond city limits as he teaches regularly in Phoenix and travels with his team to dance festivals and congresses since 2016.

He is passionately focused on putting Tucson on the dance map by developing quality dance teams with emphasize on solid foundations and techniques.

His prowess as a performer and choreographer has secured him victory in local competitions, while also thrusting him into the esteemed arena of the World Latin Dance Cup. This transcendent experience amplified his commitment to the art form and emboldened his aspiration to elevate his beloved Tucson onto the global dance map.

In Tucson, he teaches “Bachata” every Tuesday @ BA Studios, and “Salsa” every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month @ Dream Dance Studio. He also teaches the “All-Levels Bachata” class at TUMBAO | Latin Fridays in Phoenix.

You can reach Mohan in his Instagram page @monzondanceco

Salsa For Phoenix, AZ
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