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La 33: The Energetic Salsa Orchestra from Colombia to the World!

La 33: The Energetic Salsa Orchestra!

La 33, the Colombian Salsa Band with Innovative Approach to Latin Music!

By Mario Pacheco | AZSalsa.net

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La 33 is a Colombian salsa band formed in 2002 by brothers Sergio (Director and bass) and  Santiago Mejía (piano) and vocalist Guillermo Celis. The band’s name comes from the street in Bogotá where they used to rehearse, and their sound is heavily influenced by the city’s vibrant music scene.

La 33, known for their high-energy performances and unique blend of salsa, funk, jazz, and rock, stands out in the crowded Latin music scene with infectious rhythms, catchy melodies, and a powerful horn section.

Drawing inspiration from the golden era of New York salsa and infusing it with their own Colombian flair, the band’s instrumentation features a strong horn section consisting of two trombones, tenor and baritone saxophone, trumpet, as well as flute, piano, bass, timbales, congas, and bongos, complemented by three vocalists.

The band has released several critically acclaimed albums, including their self-titled debut album “La-33” (2004), “Gozalo” (2007), “Ten Cuidado” (2009), “Tumbando Por Ahi” (2013), “Caliente” (2016), “Si Tú Quieres Salsa Lado A” (2019), “Si Tú Quieres Salsa Lado B” (2020), “La-33 Filarmónico” (2023). The band’s music has been featured in films, television shows, and commercials around the world, further increasing their popularity.

They have toured extensively around the world, performing at some of the biggest music festivals and venues in Europe, North and South America.

With their energetic live performances and extensive discography, Orquesta La 33 continues to solidify their status as one of Colombia’s most beloved musical exports. From the streets of Bogotá to stages around the globe, their infectious rhythms and dynamic blend of genres have captivated audiences of all backgrounds. As they continue to push the boundaries of salsa music, they inspire dancers and music lovers alike to embrace the power of salsa dura.


7 Videos

La 33 (2004)

1. La 33
2. Soledad
3. Anny’s Boogaloo
4. La Pantera Mambo
5. Que Rico Boogaloo
6. Suelta el Bongó
7. La Película
8. La Vida Se Pasa a Mil
9. El Tornillo de Guillo
10. Manuela

Gózalo (2007)

1 Descarga 33
2. Bye-Bye
3. Quiéreme Na’ Ma’
4. Plinio Guzmán
5. La Fea
6. El Robo
7. Te lo Voy a Devolver
8. Gózalo
9. Bomba Colombiana
10. Porque Yo
11. Rumba Buena
12. El Turpial
13. La Tormenta
14. Arrullo y Son
15. My Favorite Things

Ten Cuidado (2009)

1. Ten Cuidado
2. Conciencia Intranquila
3. Me Quedo
4. Funky Boogaloo
5. Sombra y Desgracia
6. La Salsa Resucitó
7. Cartagena
8. Sonrisas Bellas
9. Roxanne
10. Vanidad
11. Mambo Con Boogaloo

Tumbando Por Ahí (2013)

1. Cuero
2. Patacón Con Queso
3. Ya No Me Amas
4. Óyele
5. La Reina del Swing
6. Tumbando Por Ahí
7. Casanova
8. Guayabo
9. Sonero de Tabogo
10. Tumbadora
11. Silencio
12. Shooting Mambo
13. Mambo Colombia

Si Tú Quieres Salsa
Lado A (2019)

1. Nociva
2. Si Tú Quieres Salsa
3. Dime por Qué Será
4. Majadera
5. Salerosa
6. Maria Juana

Si Tú Quieres Salsa
Lado B (2020)
1. Juan
2. Negrita
3. El Comediante Coqueto
4. Vendedor
5. Pablito

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