July 14, 2024


Salsa Dancing for Phoenix, AZ

La Excelencia’s “Salsa con Conciencia”

"Salsa con Conciencia" - Orquesta La Excelencia

(Released: 2006) Ok, so here at LaVoz we normally like to review the classics because in many ways, those old school rhythms were the swinging ones that embodied that true meaning of what we call ‘salsa’ music. Not this time folks! New York city’s newest and most explosive band called “La Excelencia” is making sure people know their name. Their new album “Salsa Con Conciencia” is a testament to the original flavor from the 70’s with a millennium generation twist. This album hits hard and just about every Dj in the salsa scene is starting to realize this. The first track, “La Lucha” is a nice tempo tune with a strong trombone line and great breaks that will make you happy you decided to dance it. This band definitely shows off their versatility through-out the album with other great tracks like “La Salsa y el Guaguanco,” and “El Hijo de los Rumberos.” But let’s not forget what also makes this album special. During a time of social and political change, the young Excelencia brings you music with meaning, concrete lyrics that will also stimulate your mind. From the first time it went into the CD player we were sold, be another believer and get this album asap! – Chris Soto (Executive Editor), LaVoz

Salsa for Phoenix, AZ

Salsa For Phoenix, AZ
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