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Fusion Salsa Fest, Mexico City, 10/7-8, ’23

Fusion Salsa Festival 2023

AZSalsa review 2023: Highly recommended Fusion Salsa Festival is an exceptional gathering that unites salsa aficionados and experts from various parts of Mexico as well as around the globe. With its excellent level of dance competitions, attendees can expect thrilling and entertaining competition performances that take place every night, making the evening shows top level. One of the headliners of this festival are the exciting one-on-one salsa dancing battles called “Heats”, where solo and couple competitors showcase their improvisational skills while dancing to music selected by the DJs, without prior knowledge of the chosen tracks, adding an extra layer of excitement and competition.

Besides the multiple dance workshops taught by renown dance instructors during the day, the festival showcases a great social dancing level, characterized by social dancers who possess a deep understanding of musicality and rhythm. As one of the top salsa congresses in Mexico, Fusion Salsa Festival attracts both seasoned dancers and newcomers alike. Whether you prefer Salsa On1, Salsa On2, Cuban, Colombian, or Bachata, this festival caters to all dancing styles, ensuring a diverse and inclusive atmosphere.

The lineup of salsa-experienced DJs combined salsa and bachata in the main ballroom, which keeps the dance floor packed, creating an inclusive environment where salseros dance bachata and bachateros dance salsa in the same huge room. The Battle of the DJs night offers top notch salsa music as the international DJs battle for glory.  Additionally, the event features live music from exceptional local salsa bands, providing an immersive and energetic ambiance.

Fusion Salsa Festival guarantees a memorable experience for all salsa enthusiasts.

@ Courtyard by Marriott Revolución
October 5 – 8, 2023.

‣ Dance Workshops!
‣ Dance competitions every night!
‣ Solo and Couples improvisational ‘Heats Competitions’!
‣ Live Salsa Concert!
‣ Battle of the Salsa DJ’s!

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