April 21, 2024


Salsa Dancing for Phoenix, AZ

Bridgette Maria


Scottsdale Community College


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Bridgette Maria Bogedain has had the wonderful opportunity to train thousands of dancers throughout her career. Bridgette’s dance studies and background include: Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Gymnastics, Hip hop, Tap, Salsa, Mambo, Casino Rueda, Salsa de Cubano, Authentic Latin, International Latin, Bachata, Bachata Sensual, Argentine Tango, American Smooth, Ballroom, Standard, International, Kizomba Fusion, Swing & Country.

Bridgette started dancing at 3 years old and became a dance instructor by the age of 17. Bridget Bogedain began her professional dance career at the age of 18, when Bridgette was hired by Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Honolulu Hawaii and became Arthur Murray’s Dance Director by the year 1990. Bridgette began training the staff and students of the Arthur Murray in Honolulu Hawaii, until year 1992. She was certified through Arthur Murray Bronze through Gold Level and was certified Turpsiqore through Sheila Slone, Director of Turpsiquore Dance Council. Bridgette Maria & John Rigby became dance Champions in Salsa, and Lambada in 1990 in Honolulu, Hawaii

Bridgette has trained with top coaches from all around the world in all styles of dancing. Some of Bridgette’s favorite coaches include Danel y Maria Bastone, Pablo Gonzales, Salvador, Alfredo Fitziano, Stanoslov & Lyudmila Popov, Rick Venezuela, Terry Leone, Patrick & Wendy Johnson, Geoffrey Fells, Chris & Denis Morris, Sam Sadano, Bob Powers, Forrest Vance, and Jose Antonio, Carolyn Belko, Carlyn Sikes, and Marivic Wrobel.

Bridgette had the wonderful privilege of performing on television on Channels 3, FOX 10, 12, 13, 15 and Cox Cable Channels.

She specializes in Salsa, Mambo, Salsa de Cubano, Authentic Latin,  Bachata, Merengue, Argentine Tango, Ballroom, Swing, Yoga, Yoga Therapeutics, Ballet, and Ballet Barre.

Bridgette also had the great opportunity to choreograph and perform for the premiere of the movie “Take the Lead” for the Phoenix Film Festival. Bridgette has choreographed several show routines for many professional dancers, dance production companies, commercials, cable television, amateur dancers, wedding couples, quinceaneras, bar mitzvahs, and many social dancers.

Bridgette started and opened her own dance company and dance studio in 1995, and has worked and taught and worked for herself for many years. Bridgette has the opportunity to instruct thousands of students throughout the years.

Bridgette has always been inspired to teach all ages to dance, and was inspired to start a kids dance program for the Boy’s and Girls Club. Bridgette has volunteered to help young kids who are not able to afford dance lessons. Bridgette made it her mission to help get kids off the street, and give them a goal to work towards that was fun, that would teach them to dance, and would inspire them perform.

 Bridgette Maria was referred to Scottsdale Community College Dance Department to teach the Salsa, Bachata and Tango Argentino dance courses in the fall of 2012. Bridgette has spent the past eight years building and developing the Latin, Tango, and Ballroom social dance courses at Scottsdale community college.

Bridgette Maria has been given the wonderful opportunity to perform all over the United States in Salsa, Argentine Tango & Latin Dancing.

Bridgette is available for Private Lessons, Group Classes, Dance Shows and Events!
For more information:  bridgettemaria@cox.net. 👉 

Salsa For Phoenix, AZ
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